Last-minute Easter Gift Guide
With the Easter bunny due for a visit very soon and plans with family and friends are locked in, we can’t wait for the Easter break!

While we’ll never say no to chocolate eggs, receiving something a little extra special this Easter will form memories, ones that will last beyond the long weekend.
The Ugg Shop has put together a last-minute Easter gift guide that will please everyone in the family.

Holiday Hunting
For many of us, we are finally able to travel interstate and overseas. It seems as if all our friends and family are hopping off on an adventure, and Easter seems like the perfect weekend to ease into the holidays. Travel and comfort go together like Easter and chocolate, so surprise your loved ones with some new UGGS before hitting the road.
For adults, you can’t go past the family-favourite Australian Made Urban Classic range. Travel in style by pairing with seasonal trends, or keep it simple in trackies. Did you know they’re water resistant too? An added bonus for any adventurer! Available in different colours and styles for both men and women, they make a foolproof gift.

Choosing quality and durability for your kid means they can go far and wide in style. Like the EVERAU® EXPLORER KID designed with durable rubber soles with grip, and premium wool lining.

Stay-at-home Easter
Despite our new-found freedom, there’s still something nostalgic and comforting about staying home for the long weekend. Whether it’s an Easter egg hunt in the back yard or baking some homemade hot cross buns, we’ll happily take any excuse to lounge at home for a whole weekend.
Treat yourself (and your feet) to our Everau® Muffin Slipper which is on special Easter deal for $59 each pair, offer ends on the 18th April. 

Introducing our Easter Bunny Uggs collection – a range designed to celebrate our inner child. Just like these Everau® Bunny Slippers, available in pink, white or black, nothing says Easter like bunny ears!

The men in the house may opt for a more classic look, such as the Australian Shepherd® Bennett Slipper, made for wearing around the house.

Your kids can match your look with these AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD® KIDS SHORT CLASSIC lined with beautiful sheepskin wool and tough rubber soles for playing in the backyard.

Happy Easter!

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