Christmas Holiday Destinations and the Right Shoes to Make It Happen

The magic of Christmas evokes beautiful feelings and lavish emotions. The smell in the air, the bubbly nature of the season, and the gifting and receiving all create pleasurable memories. It is our favourite time of the year for many reasons. The Christmas season instills a strong sense of love, peace, and serenity. It’s a season for sharing, and for most people, it provides the right opportunity to pack up and go!

Now, with the travel restrictions lifted in most parts of the world, take the opportunity to bask in the aura of the moment, create beautiful memories with friends and family, or just share these times of joy with a loved one. If you are someone who loves to travel, the Christmas holiday is the best time to cross one destination off your bucket list, and there are plenty of options to choose from. The holidays are the ideal time to visit places you've always wanted to visit, and what better way to do so than in an Australian Made ugg boot?


The Ugg Shop has stylish footwear for every season. They are beautiful, made with premium Australian sheepskin that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A ugg shoe is the ideal holiday shoe companion.

Speaking of the holidays, we have curated a list of some of the most fun, outlandish, and traditional Christmas holiday destinations and the right ugg shoes that can make your trip one to remember.

Snowy Christmas

Lapland, Iceland, the Rhine, New York, and Germany offer plenty of opportunities to create blissful snowy Christmas moments this season. These destinations are the perfect places for those in search of the true Christmas spirit. See the "once in a lifetime" Northern Lights in Iceland, ride on a real Santa sleigh in Finland, or rummage through the ever-bustling traditional Christmas market in Bonn, Germany, to get a sense of what it really means to celebrate Christmas.

If you’ve ever wondered what the North Pole is like, Lapland, Finland, is the closest you can get to experiencing Santa in his natural habitat. Snowmobiling and reindeer rides in the almost always dark nights and days evoke a sense of the season that cannot be found elsewhere, as the sky is illuminated by a beautiful yet eerie glow of green and pink. Deep sheets of snow as far as the eye can see, while a beautiful sight to behold, you must be intentional about the shoes you pack.

The URBAN CLASSIC MINI II is the perfect shoe companion on trips such as these. The iconic design is fashionable and functional. Check our  Australian Made Collection with various designs of ugg boots and slippers made in Melbourne. They are crafted  with the best Australian sheepskin to keep your toes warm and dry the whole day.

But do you know what's even more fashionable for that daytime stroll in New York? The AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD JOANNA.  Oh my gosh, these pairs are to die for. I had thought I had seen it all with the AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD TAMARI and MINA but JOANN said, “Hold my beer.” These shoes are just so much fun to wear; they are comfortable and make the most of your vacation ensemble.

There is no question about it; The Ugg Shop makes the best shoes for that stylish snowy Christmas getaway. We have shoes for men and women, as well as kids, such as the EVERAU DINO and EVERAU KIDS KITTY ugg boot which is the ideal blend of fun and functionality. 

The EVERAU SUMMIT men's shoe is a comfortable workhorse for long hikes to discover hidden treasures. For your winter getaway, you’d never go wrong with a UGG shoe.


Tropical Christmas

If you care for a Christmas in the sun, then the Maldives, Barbados, Mauritius, Tenerife, and Marrakesh hold hidden treasures that are yet uncovered. Bake in the sun by the beach in Barbados, go scuba diving and snorkelling in Mauritius, spend Christmas surfing in Tenerife with dinner in a lavish villa—these are just some of the activities lined up for your pleasure. Each of these destinations holds the promise of a lifetime. The beautiful stilted villas on clear waters in the Maldives are one of nature's pristine wonders. There is a depth of serenity and an overwhelming trove of beautiful memories to create and enjoy, but do so in the right shoes.

The  range of summer slides and sandals is perfect for long walks on the beach or the seasonal sojourn around town. The TARRAMARRA JIANNA , TARRAMARRA OLIVER and EVERAU SQUARE TOE SLIDES are about the perfect pair any lady can have. If long, slow walks are your guilty pleasure, slow walks through town would be a fun moment with every step in these soft slides.

A Christmas holiday creates unexplainable memories, but it's even better when you go with a pair of the right shoes.