How to: Style your Uggs this Autumn

As the sun starts setting earlier and the air feels a little crispy, we can officially say Autumn weather is here. With new styles hitting The Ugg Shop and our classics still a wardrobe-favourite across the globe, we’re here to help inspire what outfits you should be championing this season.

So grab a cuppa and nestle up with our Autumn style guide. We’ve selected a few of our favourite trends for 2022 to show how they can be styled perfectly with The Ugg Shop’s footwear.

Maxi Skirts and Slides

Slip into Autumn with  Everau® Croft  sheepskin slides, designed for comfort and breathability, they’re especially handy for those warmer autumn days.

Pair them with the returned trend of the maxi skirt to nail ultimate street style. Play with different styles such as denim, pleated or knit, proving just how versatile maxi’s can be. Combine with a T-shirt or tank top for a casual look, or team with a blazer or winter coat on those cooler days for a more elevated outfit.

Quilted Jackets and the Ultra Puffer

The quilted jacket trend has been circulating for the last couple of years, proving this style is sticking around for 2022.

Known for conveniently being lightweight, they’ll keep you warm throughout Autumn if you’re not quite ready to lug around heavy coats. They are also perfectly matched with the wave-like pattern featured on the  Everau® Ultra Puffer Ugg slippers. Lined with Australian merino wool, they feel like walking on clouds. 

Boots with Comfy Leggings

You can’t beat a classic. Celebs such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller made this combo popular back in the noughties and we’re happy to see the trend still on the rise with influencers such as Kendal Jenner sporting the look.

Almost any Ugg style will work with leggings, but we’re taking a note from the pro’s. We recommend low rise Everau® Mini Classic or Urban Classic Short. These are perfect for running errands, working from home or when you crave comfort when traveling.

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